Rules of Pocket Carry

Calendar icon March 15, 2016  1 More and more people carry their gun in their pocket. Over the past decade, the number has increased considerably. A popular choice for a pocket carry gun is the Ruger LCP.

As all carry methods, pocket carry has its own set of rules. Any violation of these rules can result in an injury to you or to others. A Florida newspaper has this to report…

According to a police affidavit, Thompson told them he was at dinner with his wife Saturday night when he reached into his pocket for money and a car valet ticket. His Glock 9mm handgun was also in his pocket, and it went off accidentally. The affidavit says the bullet hit the base of a table and burst into fragments, injuring several people nearby but none seriously. That violates the first rule in this list:

  1. ONLY your gun goes to that pocket and nothing else, not even small trash. All other things must go to another pocket. It’s your gun pocket exclusively.
  2. Your Gun must be inside of a pocket holster before shoving it in your pocket. The holster needs to cover the trigger completely to avoid pulling it accidentally.
  3. Put your hand in your gun pocket ONLY when it is necessary. Avoid touching it to make sure the gun is ok.
  4. Train your pocket draw skill. Drawing from a pocket has a lot of different movements than drawing from your hip or even from your ankle. Be sure that you have the skill and confidence when the situation calls for it.

  1. Carry the most appropriate gun. Consider all factors such as your preferred weapon, intended use and, of course, the size of your pocket. You don’t want to carry a gun that is so big that only its barrel can fit in your pocket.
  2. Be mindful of the pants you are wearing. If they are too tight, it could affect your drawing speed. Tight pants can also make an outline of your supposedly concealed weapon. Remember, you are aiming for concealed carry.
  3. Even inside a holster in your pocket, always be in control of where the muzzle is pointing. Make an effort not point it at anyone, even a holstered pocketed gun.

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Buy Cheap Phentermine Diet Pills Let these rules guide you to avoid accidentally firing when you pocket carry a gun and become a more responsible pocket carrier.

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