Armed Intruders Open Fire on Homeowner, All Three Wind Up In Hospital



Harris County, Texas – Police have an ongoing investigation on a violent shooting that involves three suspected intruders and a homeowner in Northwest Harris County. KPRC 2 reports that three men were walking and probing around a home and then opened fired on the front door where they thought the homeowner was. Their target returned fire hitting all three. No one was seriously injured as all were able to go by themselves to a nearby hospital where they were eventually arrested. The video linked shows footage of the signs of gunfire. Bullets’ holes on the house that include the front door and the garage.


It was reported that the homeowner’s family with several very young children were inside the house during the gunfight.


This incident is a glaring example of an intruder trespassing not just for home valuables but with the intention of assault to the homeowner and his family regardless of whether a witness was present.


Nearby neighbors were witnesses to the whole incident but were powerless to help. The homeowner was saved by his gun training, reliable firearm and a bit of luck. To all homeowners, pro-gun or not, this is real life.

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