Armed and Ready

Calendar icon May 9, 2016     Tulsa, Oklahoma – When two crooks broke through a Tulsa woman’s door, she was armed and ready and didn’t hesitate to stop a burglary. Carmen Smith said she didn’t get hurt because of some quick thinking. She grabbed her gun and fired at the burglars.

Smith said:

Purchasing Ambien In Mexico “I just heard some ‘bamming’ real hard, you know, and they pried the door open and they knocked the window out and my first instinct, just to go run and go get my gun. It was already loaded”

Buy Diazepam Uk Only She hit her walls instead, but it was enough to scare off three young men around 10:30 Monday morning. Smith said that it was her first time ever shooting a gun. Her shots shattered a family picture went through the front door and hit an abandoned house across the street. She doesn’t intend to hurt anyone

Cheap Diazepam She said:

Buy Xanax Tablets Online Uk “I’m not trying to kill nobody’s child. I don’t want that pain on me, you know? And I don’t want it on nobody else, but if they coming after me, then I have to do what I have to do; and it’s just that simple.”

Buying Valium On The Street After, she expressed that she wanted to go to the range and improve her shooting skills.

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An intrusion like this wakes people up to the reality of predators’ ruthless almost animalistic intentions. She now knows that she was just an almost insignificant obstacle on the thug’s path to be removed to get what they wanted. To those robbers, her life did not matter. Probably, she was hoping never to use the gun her fiancé bought for home protection after a previous robbery. Turns out she was likely been saved from injury or even death by the gun. Most people are like her, they are not interested in shooting or hunting, but they carry firearms in case they need it. They realize that arming saved lives.

Gun owner should attend classes that teach gun safety. It is beneficial for anyone who owns a firearm to go to the range and train to become comfortable using a gun. Fortunately, there weren’t any innocent people in her line of fire and the house she hit is abandoned. On gun classes, they trained you to be always in control of every bullet that exits your gun. There is always the possibility that an innocent person can become a victim of a crime. This woman refuses to be a victim.


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